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Wirt’s Jewelers, a family owned and operated independent jewelry store, takes pride in making their customers sparkle. With over 5 decades in the jewelry business, Wirt's was founded on the values of hard work, trust, quality, and superb customer service. For over 55 years, the Wirt family has been trusted by the Central Arkansas community for all its jewelry needs. 

Sedric Wirt

Celebrating 55 Years
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The legacy of Wirt’s Jewelers began after Sedric Wirt was wounded during the Korean War. During his rehabilitation, he spent much of his time learning watch and jewelry repair. After learning the skill, Wirt and his wife Phyllis opened their jewelry store. Shortly after opening, because of the recommendations of their customers and other jewelry store owners, Wirt’s Jewelers was approached by the Missouri Pacific Railroad to become the official railroad inspector of railroad approved timepieces.

Wirt’s continued to be the official railroad inspector for the railroad until the program was dissolved in the 80's. Wirt’s Jewelers has built a reputation as a leader in repairs of both watches and jewelry. Not only have customers trusted Wirt’s with all their special pieces, they also trusted Wirt’s to sell them quality jewelry.  After Mr. and Mrs. Wirt retired, their daughter Cindy Rouse and granddaughter Kelli Mayfield took over the business. "We are true to our roots today, offering the same service our customers have come to expect all these years."

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